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Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice – October 2024

STARTTS 168 The Horsley Drive, Carramar, NSW, Australia

We are excited to offer an accredited Neurofeedback course that has been long sought by all who have attended our training on Neurofeedback with trauma and the EEG in clinical […]

ImageTitleCourse CategoriesAuthorDateld_course_category_hfiltertags_hfilter
Attachment Shock, Brainstem Reactivity and New Approaches to Treating Developmental TraumaSeptember 15, 2023Take this course
1-Day Neurofeedback Practicum: Essential Skills RefresherAugust 23, 2023Take this course
An Introduction to Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR)August 4, 2023Take this course
Tracking and Modifying Neurofeedback Training, May 24, 2023Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
Finding Your Path to Becoming a Neurofeedback ProviderMay 23, 2023Take this coursefree-resources
Pre-recorded 11 Hour Attuned Mentoring CourseMay 2, 2023Take this coursementoring
Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback, April 20, 2023Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
Attuned Psychoeducation: An Essential Component For Optimal Outcomes In The Practice of Clinical Neurofeedback, October 4, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
Self-harm in Schools: Understanding self-harm in young people and how school staff can facilitate support for them., August 16, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
The benefits of brain training: Using neurofeedback with traumatised children and their families, August 9, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
EEG endophenotypes and EEG Neuromarkers in Trauma with Jay Gunkelman, July 13, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
Mastering Heart Intelligence WorkshopMay 13, 2022Take this courseworkshops
Assessment Transformed with Dr. Clair L. Goldberg, May 11, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
The Art of Thresholding in Neurofeedback Training, May 2, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
Using Neurofeedback for Affect Regulation with Sebern Fisher, May 1, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
A Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach to Chronic Pain, April 30, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
Stories Worth Telling with Sebern FisherMarch 22, 2022Take this coursefree-resources
The Use of the Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRV-B) in Clinical Practice, February 3, 2022Take this courseanfi-webinars webinars
Stories Worth Telling with Dr. Moshe PerlJanuary 27, 2022Take this coursefree-resources
Neurofeedback in Clinical PracticeJanuary 19, 2022Take this courseworkshops
Stories Worth Telling with Rob BuschkensDecember 2, 2021Take this coursefree-resources
Heart Rate Variability BasicsJuly 9, 2021Take this coursefree-resources
Back to BasicsMarch 3, 2021Take this coursefree-resources
Neuropsychological Impacts of COVID-19March 3, 2021Take this coursefree-resources
Developmental Trauma, Psychosis and NeurofeedbackDecember 12, 2020Take this coursefree-resources