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Enrol in one of our training workshops or webinars, or gain access one of our free resources, presented by BCIA-A certified neurofeedback practitioners and certified QEEG diplomates. These are offered face-to-face or online.

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$1,133 - $2,255

Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice

This course is based on our clinical expertise in using Neurofeedback as a tool for recovery in combination with other …


19 Jan 22


Mastering Heart Intelligence Workshop

Our comprehensive training program, which draws upon over a decade of clinical practice and the latest research on Heart Rate …


13 May 22


1-Day Neurofeedback Practicum: Essential Skills Refresher

1-day Neurofeedback Practicum, designed to elevate your proficiency in essential Neurofeedback skills.


23 Aug 23

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Tracking and Modifying Neurofeedback Training

This webinar will look at the core skills relevant to safe and effective neurofeedback training within both the art and …


Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback

Join us for an immersive 3-hour online webinar that provides a comprehensive introduction to heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback. In …


Attuned Psychoeducation: An Essential Component For Optimal Outcomes In The Practice of Clinical Neurofeedback

Attuned neurofeedback psychoeducation offers a clearer understanding of the nature of being human with all its gifts and challenges. In …


Self-harm in Schools: Understanding self-harm in young people and how school staff can facilitate support for them.

This webinar will provide an overview of self-harm in children and adolescents and current treatment recommendations. It will provide an …


The benefits of brain training: Using neurofeedback with traumatised children and their families

This webinar will be focused on the use of neurofeedback when working with children and their families, who are impacted …


EEG endophenotypes and EEG Neuromarkers in Trauma with Jay Gunkelman

Join QEEG Diplomate Jay Gunkelman in this webinar where selected EEG cases will be used to illustrate brain neuromarkers.

$75 - $85

Assessment Transformed with Dr. Clair L. Goldberg

Join experienced teacher, psychologist, and trauma expert Clair L. Goldberg, PsyD, BCN, and learn how emerging neuroscience research requires us …


The Art of Thresholding in Neurofeedback Training

A webinar specifically designed for Neurofeedback practitioners who seek more information, guidance and clarity from a seasoned therapist, practitioner and …


Using Neurofeedback for Affect Regulation with Sebern Fisher

This webinar will review the latest neuroscience findings in trauma and will provide an overview of the arousal model of …


A Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach to Chronic Pain

Explore how to integrate neurofeedback into a comprehensive treatment process that treats chronic pain as the biological-psychological-social phenomenon that it …


The Use of the Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRV-B) in Clinical Practice

Relying on the polyvagal theory developed by Prof. Stephen Porges, this webinar supported practitioners in understanding better how extreme stress …

Mentoring plays a crucial role in facilitating the professional development of mental health clinicians specialising in EEG analysis and neurofeedback, particularly when working with traumatised individuals. Through mentorship, clinicians can access valuable insights, guidance, and expertise from experienced practitioners in the field. This collaborative approach not only enhances their technical skills but also fosters a deeper understanding of the nuances of treating trauma-related conditions.

Furthermore, mentors can provide a safe space for clinicians to discuss challenging cases, ultimately contributing to improved mental well-being and resilience, which are essential factors in maintaining optimal performance and effectiveness in this demanding area of clinical practice.

Please book a one-on-one mentoring session held via Zoom below, or scroll down further to view our online courses and face-to-face mentoring opportunities:

New online courses and face-to-face mentoring opportunities will be available soon.

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Pre-recorded 11 Hour Attuned Mentoring Course

Join us for 11 hours of pre-recorded sessions with Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN as we explore topics relevant to building …

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Finding Your Path to Becoming a Neurofeedback Provider

Join us this two part, slides only presentation, on the steps to becoming a neurofeedback provider.


Stories Worth Telling with Sebern Fisher

Our guest has integrated neurofeedback and psychotherapy into the treatment of those with developmental trauma for the last 20 years.


Stories Worth Telling with Dr. Moshe Perl

Our guest is a world-class expert in neurofeedback and QEEG/EEG analysis, areas in which he has almost two decades of …


Stories Worth Telling with Rob Buschkens

Rob Buschkens, one of the first neurofeedback practitioners in Australia who has taught and mentored many of our clinicians, focusing …


Heart Rate Variability Basics

Heart rate variability biofeedback is an evidenced based practice that helps clients learn to self-regulate emotional, social and physiological processes.


Back to Basics

‘Back to Basics’ is a series of nine pre-recorded lectures presented by Jay Gunkelman, QEEG – Diplomate Emeritus and world-leading …


Neuropsychological Impacts of COVID-19

Jay Gunkelman, QEEG – Diplomate Emeritus and world-leading brain-scan analyst explains the process of neurofeedback protocol development based on patterns …


Developmental Trauma, Psychosis and Neurofeedback

This online seminar will make it clearer for you by informing you about developments in neuroscience that enable us to …