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We deliver attuned mentoring sessions for mental health professionals on topics related to Neurofeedback, HRV and QEEG.

Mentoring plays a crucial role in facilitating the professional development of mental health clinicians specialising in EEG analysis and neurofeedback, particularly when working with traumatised individuals. Through mentorship, clinicians can access valuable insights, guidance, and expertise from experienced practitioners in the field. This collaborative approach not only enhances their technical skills but also fosters a deeper understanding of the nuances of treating trauma-related conditions.

Furthermore, mentors can provide a safe space for clinicians to discuss challenging cases, ultimately contributing to improved mental well-being and resilience, which are essential factors in maintaining optimal performance and effectiveness in this demanding area of clinical practice.

Please book a one-on-one mentoring session held via Zoom below, or scroll down further to view our online courses and face-to-face mentoring opportunities:

New online courses and face-to-face mentoring opportunities will be available soon.

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Pre-recorded 11 Hour Attuned Mentoring Course

Join us for 11 hours of pre-recorded sessions with Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN as we …