Attuned Neurofeedback Mentoring Program

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Attuned Neurofeedback Mentoring Program


8 Mentoring Sessions Fee:
$1015 aud

Workshop Outline

Attuned Neurofeedback Mentoring offers an integrated approach to neurofeedback training deeply rooted in the arousal model of the human nervous system. With Attuned Neurofeedback, we bring together foundational neurofeedback training as traditionally taught with a cutting-edge understanding of neurofeedback for the traumatized person or those with more sensitive nervous systems.

Rooted in the work of brain training pioneers such as therapist and neurofeedback provider Sebern Fisher, neuropsychologist and neurofeedback educator Dr. Ed Hamlin, and brain researcher Dr. Ruth Lanius, Attuned Neurofeedback offers a client-centered approach that treats each person and each brain as unique in the search for regulation and optimal functioning.

Join us for our 8 week online Mentoring Course. The Attuned Neurofeedback Mentoring Program offers a more economical way to participate in mentoring while obtaining CE credits and contributing to BCIA Case Consult Requirements.

Mentoring Course Information Skill Focus:

  • Assessment
  • Thresholding & Frequency Bands
  • Placement Sites & Protocol Development
  • Tracking & Modifying Ongoing NF Training
  • Integrating NF Into The Therapeutic Frame
  • Psychoeducation Within The Therapeutic Frame


8 Weeks of 90 Minute Groups with a maximum of 7 participants


>> AEDT  – 9:30 to 11:00 am

Jan 20 and 27 – Feb 3 and 10 – March 3, 10, 17 and 24th.

>> ET – 5.30 pm 

Jan 19 and 26 – Feb 2 and 9 – March 2, 9, 16 and 23rd.

BCIA Eligible Credits

Case Study Presentation Credits – Purchased Separately, Only Available for Attuned Neurofeedback Participants!

All Course Instructors are BCIA Approved Mentors.

Mentoring Course Information


ellen shaw-smith


clair goldberg


Who should attend

This course is suited to all clinicians interested in a client-centred approach that treats each person and each brain as unique in the search for regulation and optimal functioning.

8 Mentoring Sessions Fee

$1015 AUD

For more information please contact the ANFI Training Team here or call +61 (0)2 9646 6700