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Pre-recorded 11 Hour Attuned Mentoring Course

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Pre-recorded 8.5 Hour Attuned Mentoring Course


8.5 pre-recorded hours
$995 aud

Workshop Outline

Join us for 8.5 hours of pre-recorded sessions with Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN as we explore topics relevant to building and maintaining an effective neurofeedback practice. Included in this course is our two hour Tracking and Modifying Course which teaches the fundamentals of tracking and responding to outcomes of ongoing neurofeedback training, and our 2.5 hour Attuned Psychoeducation Course focused on introducing your clients to the new paradigm of neurofeedback while building a solid and productive alliance to increase safe and productive training outcomes.

Also included is one BCIA eligible Case Study and two case consultation presentations focused on ongoing neurofeedback cases.

Register now for this recorded mentoring course filled with supportive information for those early in developing their neurofeedback practice, and for those seeking to solidify and build skills for their established neurofeedback practice. We would love to have you join the conversation in the growing edge of neurofeedback practice!

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Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified in Neurofeedback and Certified in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Since attending her first introductory neurofeedback course in 2002 while working as a high school adjustment counsellor, Ellen has been passionately committed to understanding the brain’s language of intelligent electrical communication. Her commitment rests on her early recognition that this communication, when respectfully harnessed, supports deep change in the brain and central nervous system.

Ellen’s early seminary education, along with her varied community mental health experience shapes her eclectic approach to clinical neurofeedback and psychotherapy. These influences, along with extensive mentoring with neurofeedback trauma expert Sebern Fisher MA, BCN and neuropsychologist Dr. Ed Hamlin, prompted her to develop a community education site for early and ongoing neurofeedback education in 2008.

Ellen has spent the intervening years teaching and mentoring on beginning and advanced neurofeedback topics. Her later work with Dr Robert Coben on Q-EEG based Coherence neurofeedback as applied to developmental trauma also informs her work as a clinician, and neurofeedback educator and mentor.

Ellen works with EEG, HEG, Q-EEG and Educational Neurofeedback in her private practice in Western Massachusetts. With an emphasis on the importance of early attachment she focuses on treatment for those with early and ongoing trauma. Her teaching reflects an appreciation for the art and science of neurofeedback in combination with psychotherapy and psychoeducation, all in support of deep regulation in each unique human nervous system.

In her decade of neurofeedback teaching and mentoring Ellen has focused on the nuanced interface of best practices in trauma focused neurofeedback and psychotherapy. You can find her webinars and mentoring recordings on the Australian Neurofeedback Institute’s website in our Course Library, as well as on the EEGLearn educational neurofeedback training site.

You may also visit the website to learn more about the Attuned Neurofeedback Model co-founded by Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN along with colleagues Dr Clair Goldberg and Q-EEG Diplomat Mirjana Askovic.


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Who should attend

This course is suited to all clinicians interested in a client-centred approach that treats each person and each brain as unique in the search for regulation and optimal functioning.

Pre-recorded 8.5 Hour Attuned Mentoring Course Fee

$995 AUD

For more information please contact the ANFI Training Team here or call +61 (0)2 9646 6700