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Webinar Fee: $130

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Join us for an immersive 3-hour online webinar that provides a comprehensive introduction to heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback. In this session, we will cover everything from the basics of HRV, including its definition, short-term influences, and assessment, to the integration of biofeedback principles with other therapies. We will also delve into the critical topic of counterindications and common side effects, along with strategies to address them.

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between HRV and the autonomic nervous system, including the latest insights from polyvagal theory, and learn how to measure and interpret HRV. This training is specifically designed for those new to biofeedback and those who want to incorporate autonomic measures into their clinical practice.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll have a solid grounding in the theory and potential uses of HRV biofeedback and assessment, setting you up for practical training and further supervision to master the intervention. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your clinical practice to the next level!

This webinar will cover:


darius rountree- harrison

EEG analyst, BSc, GDPA, MPhil, QEEG-T, PhD (Candidate)

Darius Rountree-Harrison is ANFI EEG analyst responsible for EEG/QEEG reports and consultations. He studied neuroscience at the University of Sydney, psychology at Monash University and learned to analyse QEEG under the supervision of Jay Gunkelman and Mirjana Askovic. Darius is accredited QEEG Technologist and is a psychology doctorate candidate, looking at HRV biomarkers for PTSD. This work stems from Darius’ interest in stress responses, homeostatic processes and neuronal function.

During his time at ANFI, Darius has delivered training in HRV, mentored psychologists and students to analyse QEEG/HRV data and has been involved with clinical PTSD research. He routinely uses winEEG, Neuroguide, LORETA, Kubios, Thought Technology, EEGer Spectrum, Heart Math and many other software and biofeedback systems for analysis, clinical intervention and training.

Darius’ greatest strength lies in his ability to integrate a wide range of neuropsychophysiological research and practices, with presenting symptoms, individual EEG and HRV data to set integrated treatment plans. His clinical insights have aided the recovery of hundreds of clients of all ages and psychopathologies. He is currently employed at STARTTS as an EEG Analyst.

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General Admission: $130 AUD

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