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Tracking and Modifying Neurofeedback Training

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Tracking and Modifying Neurofeedback Training

The Heart of Good Practice

with Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN

Webinar Fee: $90

Live Webinar Outline

In this two hour webinar join Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN in looking at the core skills relevant to safe and effective neurofeedback training. Through attuning with our whole person perspective we will unpack the effects of individual neurofeedback sessions as revealed in the physiological, cognitive/attentional, psychological/emotional, and interpersonal responses of each client’s brain and psyche.

As we learn skills to track these elements in simple, fluid ways we will advance our sense of when and how to modify protocols in real time through markers for frequency adjustment, adjustment in training time and assessing the efficacy of sensor location.

Join us in this simple yet precise way of working within both the art and science of neurofeedback training while solidifying your foundation as a skilled neurofeedback provider.

Webinar Program

The webinar will consist of:

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Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified in Neurofeedback and Certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Since attending her first introductory neurofeedback course in 2002 while working as a high school adjustment counselor, Ellen has been passionately committed to understanding the brain’s language of intelligent electrical communication. Her commitment rests on her early recognition that this communication, when respectfully harnessed, supports deep change in the brain and central nervous system.

Ellen’s early seminary education, along with her varied community mental health experience shapes her eclectic approach to clinical neurofeedback and psychotherapy. These influences, along with extensive mentoring with neurofeedback trauma expert Sebern Fisher MA, BCN and neuropsychologist Dr. Ed Hamlin, prompted her to develop a community education site for early and ongoing neurofeedback education in 2008.

Ellen has spent the intervening years teaching and mentoring on beginning and advanced neurofeedback topics. Her later work with Dr Robert Coben on Q-EEG based Coherence neurofeedback as applied to developmental trauma also informs her work as a clinician, and neurofeedback educator and mentor.

Ellen works with EEG, HEG, Q-EEG and Educational Neurofeedback in her private practice in Western Massachusetts. With an emphasis on the importance of early attachment she focuses on treatment for those with early and ongoing trauma. Her teaching reflects an appreciation for the art and science of neurofeedback in combination with psychotherapy and psychoeducation, all in support of deep regulation in each unique human nervous system.

Who should attend

This webinar is suitable for clinicians, treatment researchers, and neurofeedback providers looking to understand the core skills relevant to safe and effective neurofeedback training.

Webinar Fee

$90 AUD

For more information please contact the ANFI Training Team here or call +61 (0)2 9646 6700